About the owner

Mohakin Travel was founded in 1999 by Mohammed Muthiri Kinyua, who was then 21 years old. Mohammed and his siblings come from Laikipia County, a small village known as ‘Nturukuma’. My mother, a Somali-Kenyan, comes from the Northern parts of Kenya, precisely Mandera County. My father comes from the ‘Kikuyu’ community which is commonly known from mountain regions, the two young and naïve met in Mandera, and got married.

I am the third born in the lineage of my siblings. With diversity and personal interests, my oldest sibling studied through university and currently works with the national government. My youngest sibling is currently in Australia. But I had the passion and interests of the mountain. Little did I know that my schoolmate will introduce me to an enjoyable job that I liked. After attaining my school certifications, I decided to follow the call and the path to be a mountaineer.

I started my passion of mountaineering as a porter back in 1993. I worked as a porter for two to three years, improving and showing my potentials to get to the next level. I became the cook, then the position that we were chosen – few of us who we were trained as tour guides. Not only for Mt. Kenya, but for other touristic places such as manyata (villages) National parks and ranches.

I had chances to work with different tour and tourist companies both locally and internationally. I was challenged and encouraged by the clients I got from the tour companies. This opened the doors for me to manage my career and in 1999, I started my own company! Most of the clients asked me to have my own tour company, which is now known as Mohakin Travel.
I could have not done much back then and until now, if it were NOT for the clients I had given good services that held my hands up, to date, that my company still works and continues to shine, as a result of the best service, consultations and much more.

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