Our staff

All of our guides are professionals when it comes to guiding. Our team is made up of a variety of people who have in-depth training and experience in guiding. A large percentage of them are locals who live either on Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro.

My team in particular is made up of three categories:


  1. Guides
  2. Porters
  3. Cooks
Sometimes I call my team of three the “three fingers”.

All my guides are certified in mountain guiding skills, navigation, first aid, mountain rescue, risk management, wildlife science and outdoor ethics. I have full confidence in them and believe in them.

Porters are as important as any prescription in life. Life without a prescription – isn’t that boring and an impossible life? Why is it boring? You can’t enjoy a hike or trek if you have big bags on your back, it’s annoying. Porters are indispensable when it comes to carrying everything you need for an enjoyable hike. They always go ahead of the guides, hand in hand with the cooks, to make sure that when you arrive at your destination, the accommodation and the food and drinks are already prepared. The porters are important for the whole process and make your job easier.

My team of cooks is like a gas station because no vehicle “runs” without gas. They all have experience in food preparation. They provide us with the meals on time. The “three fingers” that work for Mohakin Travel are so important and valuable to you and to everyone on the mountain.

My team is directly or indirectly employed by Mohakin Travel. It is our endeavor to offer the very best to our clients and to surprise you.

Mohakin Travel is the most wonderful trekking and safari company in anyone’s life.

Try us – we will prove it to you.

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